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No matter where you are on earth, it’s impossible to not be aware of the catastrophic oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. As it continues spewing crude oil into the waters from a depth of 5,000 feet, the international news media keeps the disaster “in your face”.  Transparency at it’s best? Read More »

The economic down-turn has affected many people; some have lost their job and others have tightened their budget to help during lean times.  Key West has felt the tourist pinch, but hasn’t been hurt as badly as other vacation locations.
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Earlier in the year I was questioning how long the new Meteor Smokehouse would survive. There were some tell-tail signs that all was not going well. It finally happened a few weeks ago.  The doors are shut with a “For Rent” sign prominently displayed. Read More »

It is one of the most exciting, fun weeks of the year in Key West, and a big economic boost for the community. The shops, bars and restaurants were busy, and the bartenders and servers are smiling broadly. Read More »

A colorful Key West icon has left us. His smile, antics and stories are already missed. But we will remember Captain Tony for a very long time. Read More »