WebKeyWest is the premier portal for all that want to read about the life style in Key West, locals and tourists alike. We’ll write about all kinds of subjects in several different categories. It’s all about opinions that we all know are like beauty; in the eyes of the beholder.

There is a great deal about Key West that a lot of people are not exposed to, especially many of the tourists. The diversity of restaurants, bars, shops, art and entertainment is incredible. We’ll attempt to whet your appetite and guide you through the Key West we love.

Now we are not going to strictly limit our coverage to Key West. Some may not admit it, or want to believe it, but what happens nationally and internationally around the world can have an impact on our paradise. So we’ll also explore those events and comment on their impact.

What makes Web Key West a bit different is that “You” get to offer your own opinion or comments to the posts published. It’s sort of a Key West network of information, opinions and comments. We publish and you comment.

I expect that some will disagree with the opinions, but that’s OK. In fact that’s the purpose.  The Key West citizens are an eclectic bunch, but often are so opinionated that they appear to be wearing blinders. I just hope that viewers will at least think about the opinions before going off on a narrow minded rant.

It’s our sincere hope that you enjoy the useful information, sometimes contemplative thoughts, often frivolous view points, sporadically critical opinions, and at times humorous musings… and we urge you to contribute your comments, positive or negative.