It is one of the most exciting, fun weeks of the year in Key West, and a big economic boost for the community. The shops, bars and restaurants were busy, and the bartenders and servers are smiling broadly. Read More »

“Pirates, Pundits & Political Party Animals” is the theme of this years Key West Fantasy Fest. We are only a few days into the ten day event and it’s already a blast! Read More »

I’ve heard that Key West is the third most popular travel destination for New Years Eve celebrations in the USA, only behind¬†New York City and Las Vegas.¬† Based on the crowds last night, I am a believer! Read More »

It’s that time of year again. The powerboats come to town to vie for the World Championship after a long season. The championships have been in Key West for twenty-seven years and everyone looks forward to the excitement and partying. Read More »

For those that don’t know, it’s spring break time in Key West again. It seems most schools have overlapping schedules, so we get the kids over about a five to six week period. I expected a lot more “Breakers” than usual since enactment of the new federal law requiring passports to regain entry into the USA for air travel. A lot of Cancun bound “Breakers” didn’t plan well enough to get their passports and are stuck here in the Good O’le USA. Read More »