Atlantic Shores, the venerable swingers and gay motel on the ocean side of “Old Town”, has finally bit the dust. Many are already mourning the passing of the afordable rooms and the beach bar with it’s nude pool.  I guess all things eventually come to an end? Read More »

The mid-west braces for the tornado season, low lying areas await the floods of rain filled waterways, the west coast fights forest & brush fires and pray an earthquake doesn’t destroy their homes, and on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts we watch the low pressure waves as they move across the ocean from the shores of Africa. Hurricane season is upon us. Read More »

For those that don’t know, it’s spring break time in Key West again. It seems most schools have overlapping schedules, so we get the kids over about a five to six week period. I expected a lot more “Breakers” than usual since enactment of the new federal law requiring passports to regain entry into the USA for air travel. A lot of Cancun bound “Breakers” didn’t plan well enough to get their passports and are stuck here in the Good O’le USA. Read More »

As with so many old towns originally built before the invention of the automobile, the streets and sidewalks are narrow. Key West streets, especially the side streets, are no exception. What does this mean to residents and tourists? Read More »

It is sometimes amazing what happens in Key West. In the news yesterday it was reported that a company has filed lawsuits against other companies that manufacture the popular Key West souvenir, the green “Mile 0” road marker at the corner of Whitehead & Fleming streets. Read More »