Earlier in the year I was questioning how long the new Meteor Smokehouse would survive. There were some tell-tail signs that all was not going well. It finally happened a few weeks ago.  The doors are shut with a “For Rent” sign prominently displayed. Read More »

The final demise of “The Twisted Dish” has brought us back to a memorable eating establishment. The “Meteor Smokehouse” is back, and so are the locals and tourists. The best smoke in town! Read More »

I wrote about the grand opening of The Twisted Dish back in November.  Since then, they have reverted back to several of The Meteor menu items that disappeared during the change of hands.  The smoked ribs and pulled pork are back! Read More »

Of all the bars in Key West, Captain Tony’s Saloon contains more colorful history than any other. The oldest licensed bar operating in the State of Florida and the original Sloppy Joe’s, the stories are plentiful. Read More »

It’s hard to disagree with “Hog’s Breath is better than no breath at all”! You can ponder the alternatives at Hog’s Breath Saloon while sipping a cool drink, eating from their bar menu or enjoying the daily live entertainment. Read More »