For those that don’t know, it’s spring break time in Key West again. It seems most schools have overlapping schedules, so we get the kids over about a five to six week period. I expected a lot more “Breakers” than usual since enactment of the new federal law requiring passports to regain entry into the USA for air travel. A lot of Cancun bound “Breakers” didn’t plan well enough to get their passports and are stuck here in the Good O’le USA.

But low & behold, Key West spring break has been relatively quiet this season. They even cancelled the “Spring Break Court” because there were no arrests the first four days. The kids I’ve seen out in town and the bars seem to be behaving themselves, as much as can be expected.

The girls get dressed-up at night in their pretty sun dresses, designer tops and perfect make-up. The guys are dressed nice, I’ve seen only a few caps (none worn homey sideways), and they actually clean-up well. I’ve even seen many of them tipping the bartenders… an appropriate amount (not quarters)! What has happened? Who trained these kids to act right in the real world? I’m almost astonished!

But hold on there! I just took a scooter ride to the other side of Duval Street, and guess what? I think the “Breaker” crowd quadrupled since yesterday. There are hordes of them roaming the town, crossing the streets against the traffic lights, holding up traffic. I mean I just bought a half gallon of ice cream and need to get home before it melts. Give me a break here!

Another clue that they have arrived… three scooter rental establishments I passed are virtually empty. This means the kids are in town in force. I did not take a ride over to the beaches (ice cream, remember?), but I’ll bet a cold Bud Light that they are overrun by over testosterone laden boys and smiling, eye flashing girls.

What’s this? Five boys and ten girls moving in next door? I’m sure the head pounding hip-hop, rap and club music will begin to rumble the windows any moment. The boys will unwittingly compete for attention by talking over and louder than their friends. It’s amazing how they scream instead of talk after a few Miller Lites.

Most of them will burn out in a few days and actually wish they were back at school. No, they will never admit it. You’ll see it in their eyes, not really wanting to compete as the best drunk (whatever best is), but not wanting to appear as a sissy. Hungover and hurting, they will return to the “normal” world of school… classes and weekend binge drinking.