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“Pirates, Pundits & Political Party Animals” is the theme of this years Key West Fantasy Fest. We are only a few days into the ten day event and it’s already a blast! Read More »

You can’t turn on the news these days without hearing about personal financial problems and international economic failures.  Have these events affected Key West?  You bet they have! Read More »

We live through this fear of demise by a huge storm every year.  We actually became somewhat complacent for years, until Wilma flooded our island in October 2005.  So we watch the National Hurricane Center reports with much more interest these days. Read More »

The final demise of “The Twisted Dish” has brought us back to a memorable eating establishment. The “Meteor Smokehouse” is back, and so are the locals and tourists. The best smoke in town! Read More »

I’ve heard that Key West is the third most popular travel destination for New Years Eve celebrations in the USA, only behind New York City and Las Vegas.  Based on the crowds last night, I am a believer! Read More »