I wrote about the grand opening of The Twisted Dish back in November.  Since then, they have reverted back to several of The Meteor menu items that disappeared during the change of hands.  The smoked ribs and pulled pork are back!

But here is a example of mismanagement at it’s best.  It appears they took a viable and well known establishment and tried to change it into something completely different.  A completely changed menu and an “upgraded” remodeling.  What they didn’t understand was that the success of The Meteor had to do with the food and service.

I watched people come in, sit down, order a drink and look at the menu.  Quite often the first remark was, “What is this?  Where’s the ribs?”  Some people simply got up and left.  Some people who had never been there before, never knew it used to be the premier smoked ribs place in Key West, looked at the menu and left without ordering.

To the management’s credit, they started slowly making some changes.  They added a New York Strip to the menu.  That at least gave me a reason to stop by.  The Maui-Maui was added and was quite good.  Finally they fired up one of the old “smokers” (they sold one of them) and put one version of ribs and a pulled pork sandwich back on the menu.  Now I could go back several nights a week.

But subtle changes continued.  Like the portions that gradually were reduced in size.  Then the inconsistency in the temperature of the steak was suspect (had to order med-rare to get a medium steak… sometimes). Then the big blow… happy hour ended at 6pm instead of 7pm.

I still love going there.  I really enjoy the staff, especially Tommy and Ty.  And local regulars, like Kieth and Mikey, are always a welcome daily treat.  Interestingly, business was gradually increasing, at least at the outside bar.  The inside dinning area is usually all but empty. But I guess it’s just not enough.

After giving it a good try, The Twisted Dish went on the market last week.  It was advertised in The Citizen with an asking price of $1,875,000.  I assume that includes the property as well as the business, cause the business right now can’t be worth much.

If someone wants an excellent business location (next to the Green Parrot), and wants to open a bar & restaurant that caters to regular people (not the upscale tapas, small plate crowd), I believe this would make a pretty good investment. I just hope they keep the current Bar staff.

2 Responses to “The Meteor, The Twisted Dish, What Next?”

  1. .. i used to luv the Meteor and would have tried the Twisted Dish, but will be very disappointed if i can not get some great pulled pork w/beans and rice when i get to KeyWest in a few months !… became one of our favorite places after Bahama Mama’s closed down !.. looking forward to our visit……………

  2. Thought I’d add an update. The Twisted Dish has been changed back to The Meteor. Most of the old menu is back, however they haven’t brought back the weekday specials. Damned shame… the Thursday Turkey dinner special was out of this world. The crowds are back at the outside bar, but the inside seating still doesn’t fair well. Rumor has it we may have a new owner very soon!