It is one of the most exciting, fun weeks of the year in Key West, and a big economic boost for the community. The shops, bars and restaurants were busy, and the bartenders and servers are smiling broadly.

The 28th annual Key West World Championship Powerboat Races bring one of the most fun loving tourist crowds to our little island. The racers, their crews and sponsors love coming here to race, and party. This year was no exception.

The fans are equally invigorated. You come here for the last race of the year, and the week long event consistently proves that Key West is the best venue for offshore powerboat racing. They fly by fast and close to the fans, more so than any other place on the circuit. The thunderous sounds and the smell of sea spray and exhaust make for a great racing event.

Click here For Powerboat Race Photo GalleryTwenty-eight years is a long time. A number of great boats and drivers have wheeled & throttled here in the Keys over the years in the elusive attempt to walk away with bragging rights of “World Champion”.

I took a lot of photos and have included a few in a gallery (Click Here or the photo to your left to go to the photo gallery).

I do not claim to be a professional photographer, and it took some experimentation on my part to figure out how to catch an object moving upwards of 120 MPH with a relatively cheap camera (cost $450 five years ago). I hope you enjoy them.